19.10.2016 Dreamboys “Where dreams become reality” (Tonight a Dreamboy saved my life <3)

At 5.30pm today I received a text from my good friend Lara asking if I wanted to be her plus one for Dreamboys, who were doing a one night only show at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury. My response? “Ah mate sounds lovely but I have too much uni work to do :-(“…….

**A few persuasive texts later**

……We agreed to meet at 6.15pm as she had somehow wangled a meet and greet before the show. I was feeling pretty miserable, and knew I looked grim after a long day at work – but figured it didn’t really matter for the sake of one selfie with some orange guys I’d never see again.

We arrived at the stage door alongside Georgia Farquharson, celebrity writer for New! Magazine, and her gorgeous sister (both looking insta-ready may I add). The owner of Dreamboys was kind enough to show us around the backstage area, and briefly introduce us to the guys who were in various states of undress. We also spoke with their tour manager, who was busy overseeing last minute preparation. The hospitality was extended way beyond the call of duty when the owner bought us all drinks and made sure we were seated comfortably.

As a Dreamboys virgin I was assured by those in adjacent seats the show would change me for life, and as a pessimistic critic I rolled my eyes in pity at the hysterical women filling the theatre. The lights began to dim and spotlights circled the closed curtain –  the only barrier between me, abs and all the D my tired eyes could take.

For the sake of anyone feasting their eyes on Dreamboy flesh in coming months, I shall keep description of the show itself sparse. What I can honestly say is that within the first minute I broke out in goosebumps – yes, seriously. Strip shows make me cringe at the best of times, and I had mentally braced myself for the arrogant, slimy, excessively tanned Lotharios this kind of night out always provides. How wrong I was. The opening section of the show was populated with clothed, perfectly choreographed men emitting enough charisma for several Chanel adverts. My friends have always branded me as a very fussy long term singleton, yet amazingly I could pick out multiple cast members I would happily invite to keep me warm during these autumn evenings. It seems I wasn’t alone in those thoughts! The audience around me were laughing, singing, taking photos…I can’t remember the last time I felt such energy under one roof. Each act was different and well thought out, and complimented with props galore. The whole cast worked together to set the scene, and the discarded clothing on stage was quickly removed (in stark contrast to the bumbling Hen Do strippers I’ve previously been subjected to). There were hips bumping and grinding galore, in what I can only describe as an addictively hypnotic fashion.

By the interval I had to admit I had warmed towards these so called Dreamboys, enough to sit in on their interview with New! and take a few sneaky photos. What struck me was how down to earth the guys all were backstage, and willing to accommodate total strangers during their brief pause between routines. Their physical beings may have truly cemented their status as men, but (and I don’t say this lightly) I was truly impressed (and a little lovestruck!) by the gentlemanly demeanor displayed at all times.

The second act got the audience revved up once more, and included star attractions such as “the black stallion”, Rogan (Ex on the Beach) and Geordie Shore’s very own Scotty T (think: over excited puppy meets sexy naked man). Again, I don’t wish to ruin the show for anyone, but all I will say is: Michael Jackson and Afros!!! Palpable talent throughout.dreamboysjordantouch-a-dreamboydreamboy-interview

I was genuinely disappointed when the show came to an end, and enjoyed the buzz for a brief while longer while the guys met their fans and signed items (and boobs!). All I can really say is how wrong I have been proven by tonight’s performance and how incredibly glad I am that I was bullied into staring at the most beautiful and talented men I am likely to see in a long while. The show was slick, exciting and offered true entertainment value for anyone appreciating the male form. There was humour, plenty of audience participation and although the boys pushed the limits (at points my mouth was ajar!) they were most professional when dealing with Lambrini fuelled groping attempts. I was amazed to see a few nans in the audience – funnily enough they were the worst behaved, especially during the FULL FRONTAL NUDITY  (yes ladies, you get to see it all)

Thank you to the Dreamboys for a show I will remember for a long time to come, and thank you to the Dreamboys team for your hospitality. Thank you to the Waterside for hosting such a memorable evening. I can say hand on heart I am disappointed the show isn’t back in Aylesbury for a year, but that I will most definitely be in the audience when it does return. My reserve strategy will be tweeting @Thedreamboys so frequently that they end up finding me a job of some description (tour bus wench??) to stop me getting withdrawals from a truly genuine and wonderful group of (rather sexy) human beings.

#Ilovedreamboys #Dreamboysconvert

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