The Twits 24.1.2017

Mr. and Mrs. Twit are the smelliest, nastiest, ugliest people in the world. They hate everything – except playing mean jokes on each other, catching unsuspecting birds to put in their bird pies, and making their caged monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, stand on their heads all day. But the Muggle-Wumps have had enough.

I have been an avid Roald Dahl fan for as long as i can remember, so to see The Twits on the 2017 Aylesbury Waterside Theatre list was a dream come true! After an arduous week (oh hang on…is it only Tuesday?!) a few hours of revolting fun was just what the doctor ordered.  I was a little nervous, as any book fan understands, that the original would be poorly represented in its updated form. 

The story begins outside the Twit residence, with an introduction to get the audience warmed up and involved in the action. The ensemble/chorus/music makers/story tellers/dancers/acrobats are an incredibly talented bunch, sticking on the right side of happy clappy. They play instruments, sing, and introduce the grubby, grotty, truly foul stars of the show… Mr and Mrs Twit. The set works perfectly, with the little details of the caravan (and Mr Twit’s pants…) extracting gasps of delighted horror from the young and old alike. I was struck by the combination of simplicity and thought that went into make this production so slick and pleasurable – showing that true theatre is so much more than big budgets and special effects. Mr and Mrs Twit are wonderfully cringingly disgusting, just as Roald Dahl intended.  The show is perfect for all ages, with enough audience participation to keep smallies entertained without driving biggies bonkers. In my opinion The Twits is what children’s theatre is all about – funny, engaging, unpredictable and a credit to its talented, hard working cast. Although there is no skimping on props, i am pleased to see an element of audience imagination is required, forcing the xbox generation to buy into the story. A toe tapping, nose crinkling, grimace inducing, laugh-out-loud 8/10 from me.

Tickets are available for the rest of the week at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre…go and pay The Twits a visit if you dare!