Brunch, Boys and Big Ol’ Balls Baby!!!! 16.3.2020

As a red blooded woman in my 30s, there is very little that excites me more than a day of carbs, bubbles and eye candy! Lucky for me there was a new event in town offering to fulfil all of my most primal needs… 😉

What do you need to know?

OK, let me fill you in…

The bubbles were free flowing 12 – 1pm, and I didn’t wait at the bar for more than 30 seconds to refill my glass. Face painting was available for no extra cost with plenty of glitter – this really got my friend and I in the party mood!

The dress code was relaxed – for once I’d managed to make a bit of an effort, but I saw men and women wearing hoodies, jeans, little black dresses and everything in between! There was enough time to have a few drinks, chat and get excited before the secret doors opened to the main event..

As we took our seats bagels were being served, and in between bites ladies were singing and dancing in the aisles! By this point the included bubbles had ended, but the bar next door had a great selection of drinks for sale.

The next few hours honestly passed in a bit of a blur (I’m blaming the booze!) but what I do remember was well and truly having the time of my life. The ratio between sing-along, bingo games and super sexy hunks was perfect. I complete forgot that it was a Saturday afternoon – the music was pumping, pulses were racing and quite frankly we were all going deaf from screaming so much!! The venue was intimate and it was a pleasure to be up close and personal with so many handsome men and the hilarious Cookie Monstar.

At the end of the show there was an opportunity to meet the Dreamboys and have a photo with them – my friend and I were too busy chatting and eating the incredible cake so we missed out, but I did manage to get a pic with the gorgeous choreographer Jordan, and I’m thrilled to say I managed to not pull a stupid face this time! 😍

As always, I was thrilled by how friendly and down to earth the lads were, nothing was too much trouble. There were some relatively new faces for me to get to know – it was a joy to meet new boy Al who I think is going to be very popular indeed!

The beauty of anything to do with the Dreamboys is that they make you feel alive, like the only thing that matters is here and now! They treat every woman like a queen and push boundaries without ever making anyone feel uncomfortable, and that is truly an art. The afternoon was electrifying and hilarious from start to finish – perfect for hen parties, birthdays or even just a cheeky few drinks with a good pal.

Well done and many thanks to wonderful event organiser Fran, absolutely smashed it!!

If you’re interested in a bargain ticket, click on the link below!


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