In this blog you will find my thoughts on theatre performances I have been lucky enough to watch. All views are my own, not representative of any theatre/performer or anyone vaguely professional.

A link to my other page..non-theatre writing. Reviews, short stories etc 😊

I have started another page for topics that aren’t theatre or performance. I’d love you to click the link above and give it a read!

About Me:

In 2008 I graduated with a 2:1 BA Hons in Creative and Professional Writing and Drama and Performance. I enjoy reading and writing in my spare time, and have been invited to review various shows. Excited for what’s to come in 2018!


80 thoughts on “About

  1. I grew up in NYC, so got the chance to see alot of shows when I was younger. My sister and I would buy the same day performance tickets which were marked down in cost. You reminded me of that time — a very sweet memory. Thank you, by the way, for your follow. I wish you happiness and success! ❤

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  2. Thanks for following — my early work days in theatre management and my husband is still union steward for the Press Agents and Managers Union in Boston. Years and years managing road houses and earlier years touring with shows.

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  3. Thanks for the notice. In junior high and high school I enjoyed many roles. I was a guest reviewer for the local high schools while I was in college. Now, after 35+ years of teaching, I have started enjoying some times wiht the theater again. Presently, I enjoy writing… mostly flash fiction. I hope to start my first work of length soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. Thanks – and you! I saw the address, but think it might be easier for readers if you put a proper link in, so all they have to do is click and they automatically go there. You can edit your posts to do insert it with the funny link symbol on your post tool bar. (Sorry if this is the wrong terminology – I know how these things work but not necessarily what they’re called!) Have a great weekend

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  4. Hey, Nice to meet you and I just thought I would stop by and thank you for liking my posts, and subsequently deciding o follow me. I greatly appreciate it and would like to say your blog is awesome.
    Please take great care and good luck with everything ahead.
    Idealize was here.

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      1. Nay! My now name, “Poor Basilia” lol What’s the sense to cry or retaliate about our ‘poor’s”? Ah but! mention honors & social? Much familiar with both. I’aint ‘poor’ anymore! Have you been to my https://inspirationalbythia.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/in-gloom-or-in-glee-you-are-with-me/.
        I have a bunch of posts to introduce this poor Basilia. I do believe you’ll gather much material for your thesis should you have the patience & the leading to check all the awesome posts posted by the power of love from on high. lol & 🙂

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